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GRIEF Paperback


No two people are the same, but everybody grieves. GRIEF follows ten very different people as they each struggle with the pain of loss and their own personal demons.

Written by Frank Gogol with art by Nenad Civiticanin, Kim Holm, Ryan Foust, Bethany Varni, and Jey Soliva, colors by Luca Bulgheroni, Emily Elmer, and Ester P. Gil-Munilla, letters by Sean Rinehart, and a cover by Dani Martins.

96 pages / Source Point Press

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GRIEF is the kind of comic I wish I'd had growing up.

GRIEF is a collection of ten comic book short stories. These stories range in genre--from sci-fi to horror, from drama to superhero--but they are thematically linked in that they all follow characters who are in the grieving process.

When I was growing up, my home life was a mess, and that’s the reason I found comic books in the first place. I’d hide out in my bedroom, bury my head, and escape into a Batman or Spider-Man comic.

The problem was, though, that I didn’t find people like me in these books. I couldn’t point to a comic and say, “These people are like me. They’re going through real issues like me.” So, my goal with GRIEF was to write a comic book that felt like other comic books—with aliens and monsters and superheroes—but also one that highlighted characters at various stages of the grieving process.

But as I was writing, I realized it wasn’t enough to just show characters in the grieving process. It became equally, if not more important, to me that GRIEF, at its core, be a book about hope. I wanted people to be able to not only read it and identify with the characters but also to walk away from it feeling like they could come out the other end of their personal tragedies okay.

There are no answers to life’s problems in these pages, but there’s a lot of hope and hope can be a powerful thing.

Praise for GRIEF

"One of the most impressive entries into comics I've seen a creator make." - Ryan K Lindsay (Eternal, Negative Space)

"GRIEF contains a dynamite debut from a writer that’s going to be around for a long time. You’ll feel so much going through this comic, but the one thing you’re promised to feel is that your heart will grow ten sizes more from reading it. I guarantee it." -

"If there’s a theme to this collection other than the title, it’s that author Frank Gogol is a major storytelling force." - Crushing Krisis