Caption Boxes 11/01/17 – The Belated Halloween Comic Edition / by Frank Gogol

It’s November! Where the hell did this year go?
It’s also (today) the tail-end of the 5-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, which had affected me in no small way. It wasn’t until this year that it sort of hit me just how changed I am because of the storm. A lot of that has been coming out in my writing in surprising ways.
Writing FLOODS, and then rewriting it as STORMS, and rewriting it again, now, as AFTER THE STORM has been a bit revelatory for me about the ways I have been affected. It’s not something I have a complete grasp of just yet, but there’s something to it.   
Yesterday was Halloween, and since I did a short comic story last year, I wanted to do it again this year and try to make it a tradition. This year’s story got dark and was one of those pieces of writing that has me examining myself after Sandy—specifically my relationship with water.
Anyway—with art by Tiffany McLeod, colors by Luca Bulgheroni, and letters by Nikki Powers: The Drowned.


I finished up my Advanced Comic Book Writing course last Wednesday evening. I’m still waiting on my final feedback for SUBURBIA ROBOTICA, but I’m feeling really good about the script. At this point, I’ve written a handful of one-shot (~22-page) scripts and I’m comfortable developing stories at this length.
So, what’s next?
I’ll keep writing. I’ve got a few notebooks worth of story fuel for stories of this length and looking over them, a lot of them are pretty good.

I’m also thinking bigger these days.
The next logical step is for me to write a small miniseries—something 3-4 issues. I’ve also got a handful of ideas that I think would translate to this length—THE BLACK FRACTAL and THE NINETY-SEVENS are a couple that I’ve talked about here before. So, I’m studying up on structure and looking at about how much story makes for a good miniseries. Right now, the jump from one-shot to mini feels less daunting than the jump from short story to one-shot. Here’s hoping that stays true.
Stain the Seas Scarlet is on Kickstarter starting today! This is a very cool looking sci-fi revenge story from by buddies Ryan Lindsay and Alex Cormack.

A few people wrote back to me after last week’s newsletter to say that they’d definitely be interested in an Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Writing Comics, so I’m going to do it. Now, it’s about how…
The Read Pile
I really enjoy talking about the books (and sometimes TV and movies) I’ve been liking in this section of the newsletter, but the format of the section really hasn’t clicked for me. One of the things I’m trying to be conscious of is the length of Caption Boxes, and I sometimes get caught up in talking about the books I’ve been reading. So, I’m shooting for succinct. Let’s see how that goes.
Promethea by Alan Moore and J. H. Williams IIII – Only one volume in, but I’m enjoying it. It’s got a great take on mantle characters, myth, and the power of storytelling.
Captain America #595 from Mark Waid and Chris Samnee – Not that I didn’t love Spencer’s take on Cap, but this feels like a true return to form for Cap (and Waid in some ways). It cuts to the core of what makes Cap great and I want more. Five issues just won’t be enough.

Strangers Things 2 on Netflix - I loved the first season, and I loved this one, too. If I had to choose, I think Season 1 would edge out Season 2 for which I liked better, but both are excellent. The structure of Season 2 is something to behold, though. The way each episode makes you need to watch the next is masterful. 
That about does it for this week. Now that we’re in November, my big cross-country move is upon me and it’s all very real suddenly.  There are many boxes to pack (50+ for my books alone) and many, many arrangements to be made still. Wish me luck!
See you in seven.
After Credits Scene
Normally, I’d try to write something of substance for this part of the newsletter, but today’s is my dog Waffle’s 3rd birthday, so here’s a picture of her instead.