Caption Boxes 11/15/17 – The "Only 10 Days Left" Edition / by Frank Gogol

T-minus 10 days.

I’m currently neck-deep in packing my house to move to California at the end of next week. Between packing and inspections and more packing, I haven’t had time to do much else with my life, including making sure this newsletter was scheduled for Tuesday.
Luckily, this is the only thing this week that’s behind schedule. I’ll chalk that up to a win.
In comics industry news, Marvel mainstay Brian Michael Bendis has changed teams and signed exclusively with DC Comics. I wrote up this little editorial to talk about why that’s a good thing for everyone. In lieu of my usual extended discussion about process, check this out if you feel so inclined.  
Honestly, it’s been a bit of a slow work week, with the mountain that is packing my house in front of me. I’ve got two pages left to write for AFTER THE STORM, and then one last pass of the full script. Outside of that, I received my last round of edits from Andy Schmidt for SUBURBIA ROBOTICA, which were minimal. There are two scenes I want to add a page each to so that they can breathe, but after that, this story is moving into production when December hits.
The Read Pile
I’m still plugging along on my 30 graphic novels in 30 days in November challenge. While this has been a bit hard to keep up with some days while packing my house up, I am incredibly glad I decided to do it. So far, all but one of the books I’ve read have been really excellent or better. Links to all of my write-ups through yesterday are below.
30 in 30 - Day 1: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 11: The Spread of Their Evil
30 in 30 - Day 2: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 11: One Girl in All the World
30 in 30 - Day 3: Nailbiter vol. 1
30 in 30 - Day 4: Promethea - Book One
30 in 30 - Day 5: 4 Kids Walk into a Bank
30 in 30 - Day 6: V for Vendetta
30 in 30 - Day 7: Battlefields - Dear Billy
30 in 30 - Day 8: Hellboy - Seeds of Destruction 
30 in 30 - Day 9: WE3
30 in 30 - Day 10: Kill or Be Killed vol. 2
30 in 30 - Day 11: Star Wars vol. 1 - Skywalker Strikes
30 in 30 - Day 12: Pride of Baghdad
30 in 30 - Day 13: Trees vol. 1 
30 in 30 - Day 14: Sweet Tooth vol. 1 - Out of the Deep Woods
With both Thanksgiving and my cross-country move landing next week, Caption Boxes is going to take a week off. I’ll be back on 11/28—transmitting from good old San Francisco—with most of the rest of 30 in 30 and some other goodies.
See you in 14…
After Credits Scene
It’s occurring to me that between now and the next edition of Caption Boxes the Thanksgiving holiday will have come and gone. To those of you who celebrate like me, Happy Thanksgiving!
To all of you who read this newsletter each week, I’m so incredibly thankful for your support!