30 in 30 - Day 16: Seven Soldiers of Victory 0 / by Frank Gogol

Shifting gears a bit from the first 15 days of the month and books like creator-owned books like Glitterbomb, I’ve turned my attention to series of series that I’ve been interested in for a while now: Seven Soldiers of Victory. The series consists of seven intertwining, yet independent, miniseries and two bookend stories, which makes for 9 solid days of 30 in 30.

First up, Seven Soldiers of Victory 0.


Title: Seven Soldiers of Victory 0
Storytellers: Grant Morrison & J. H. Williams III
Publisher: DC Comics
Year of Publication: 2005
Page Count: 40

Shelly Gaynor is the granddaughter of Golden Age hero the Whip. When Shelly answers an ad to join the aging crimebuster Vigilante and his new team of "Seven Soldiers" in the hunt for an ancient monster haunting the deserts of the southwest, her super-hero dream becomes a terror-trip into the heart of an undying nightmare!


What I learned about Comic Book Storytelling in Writing

In just 40 pages, Morrison introduces at least seven characters that I was completely unfamiliar with. Throughout the book, though, he finds fresh ways to introduce and characterize each of the “soldiers.” In classic writer’s form, he uses actions most to tell the reader who these characters are, rather than telling the reader. And by the end of the issue, the characters are recognizable, defined, and mostly sympathetic.

What I learned about Comic Book Storytelling in Art

This is the second time I’ve crossed paths with Williams III’s art during 30 in 30. Like last time, it’s nothing by excellent and masterful. Interestingly, outside of some action sequences, his art in this book seems rather tame. He mostly sticks to widescreen panels. The art is still the same level of great as when Williams III lets loose with his page designs and storytelling. I guess the lesson here is that even for the best of the best, the classic and simple approach is still a viable option.

Recommendation: B (Worth a Read)

Check back tomorrow when I tackle the first full miniseries—Seven Soldiers – Shining Knight.

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