Caption Boxes 11/08/17 – Could you read 30 graphic novels 30 Days? / by Frank Gogol

I’m just two and a half weeks from my cross-country move to California from New Jersey. Needless to say, there’s still way too much to do. But, for some reason, I thought it’d be a good idea to commit myself to reading 30 graphic novels in 30 days this month. More on that in a minute.
They say—for novelists—that you have to write 1 million words before you write anything good. I think I believe some version of that, and I think that there’s probably a comics equivalent. Probably a page count. But what is it? A million pages?
A buddy of mine, Justin Jordan, challenged himself to write 1000 pages in 2017, and as of this writing, he’s well ahead of schedule. Every day he posts a daily and yearly total—7/789 for example—and I’ve been doing something similar to track my weekly progress. For instance, rewriting AFTER THE STORM this week, I’m 5/17/22 (today/total so far this week/goal this week).
But I want to get better. So, I’m thinking maybe I’ll challenge myself to write 365 pages next year, or about 17-18 single issues worth of stories. I already know there are a couple of ~4-issue miniseries I want to get the ball rolling on, so if I knocked those out I’d be halfway there already.
A page a day seems reasonable, right?
[Working Title]
The latest draft of AFTER THE STORM is really shaping up. Whereas I had once seen a story to tell, I now feel like I can see the complete package of the entire book. It’s so vivid in my mind and a little bit experimental, which has me even more excited about creating this book.
On the SUBURBIA ROBOTICA front, I’m still waiting for that last round of feedback from Andy Schmidt. I should have that soon, and so long as there’s nothing crucially wrong with the script, it’ll be ready to move into production by the end of the year. I’m just locking in the members of the creative team this week. More info on that when everything is finalized. If all goes according to plan, this is going to be a good-looking book.
The Read Pile
For the entirety of November, I’m reading one graphic novel per day (30 in 30). If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, you might remember I did something similar back in May of this year. This time around, though, I’m documenting my reading journey with write-ups about what I’m learning about writing and art with each book read.
So, in lieu of my regular “here’s what I’ve been reading” schtick this month, I’m going to use this space to link off to the micro-blogs I’ve been writing. The books I’ve been reading have been goldmines of craft, but these posts are only quick little notes that focus on one or two things. Honestly, I’d rather take away one or two things, understand them, and start applying them than scour each book for everything it’s got to offer (that’s what re-reads are for). Anyway, follow along at home if you like:
30 in 30 - Day 1: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 11 vol. 1
30 in 30 - Day 2: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 11 vol. 2
30 in 30 - Day 3: Nailbiter vol. 1
30 in 30 - Day 3: Promethea - Book One
30 in 30 - Day 5: 4 Kids Walk into a Bank
30 in 30 - Day 6: V for Vendetta
30 in 30 - Day 7: Battlefields - Dear Billy
30 in 30 - Day 8: Hellboy - Seeds of Destruction 
Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll keep the links coming for those of you who might find these interesting/entertaining.
That’s it for this week. I’ve got boxes and boxes to pack.
See you in...six.
(That’s right. We’re heading back to a Tuesday-released newsletter. The stars are just aligning that way.)
After Credits Scene

Did you guys go check out STAIN THE SEAS SCARLET last week? If you’re still on the fence, I’ve got a great interview that I did with Ryan about the book, and his writing in general, that’ll be up on Outright Geekery in the next couple of days. I’ll include a link with next week’s newsletter for your consideration. But you should probably just go ahead and have a look at the project in the meantime. Just in case